Episode 100: What To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck In The Comparison Trap | Host Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

In Episode 100, our host, Jannese, reflects on her entrepreneurial journey, including leaving tips on how to protect our mental health as business-owners.

For Episode 100 of the season (!!!), our host, Jannese Torres-Rodriguez, is spending time reflecting on her mental health triggers and the practices she’s now built as a result of them.

2 years ago, Jannese dreamt up the Yo Quiero Dinero® Podcast as she began to deepen her personal finance journey. Realizing the field of finance was super white and male-centric, her vision was rooted in feeling like she was part of a community of wealth-building Latinas. The YQD platform is first and foremost a community—100 episodes later, we’ve brought guests from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences. All in the hopes of making your dinero moves a little less daunting, and a lot more exciting and aligned with who you are.

For us, that looks like showing you the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to build a thriving business and online presence. You know that we will be the first ones to encourage you to invest in yourself; but we would be doing you a disservice if we said the journey was always smooth, enjoyable, or fun. Sometimes, it can be none of those things. So how can we continue?

Our audiences. Our communities.

In episode 100, our host Jannese talks about:

  • The behind-the-scenes, background story to her current success—social media is the greatest ally to the comparison trap. Social media is the highlight reel of someone’s life. In the financial education, entrepreneurship, or side hustle space online, you might most commonly see someone’s highest profits, their high net-worth, or their successful business. What you don’t see is the amount of time, energy, and labor that these highlight-reels sometimes take. Our host Jannese lays it all out for you: the crazy hours, the commitment, and the doubt.
  • Identifying what aligned with her spirit—when something begins feeling joy-less, it’s time to re-evaluate. The moments her projects felt “off,” she knew it could be one of two things: 1) Either she was exhausted, to the point of close burnout, or 2) the project was not aligned with herself and her interests. Listen to hear the tough questions Jannese asked herself to get to the place where her projects felt like an extension of her heart.
  • Success porn and boundaries—being mindless about how we curate our social media feeds can quickly become an easy ground for success porn, meaning an onslaught of success stories without the background of how they got there. It is okay to not be able to be happy every single time. It is okay to have days where you just want to sulk and nit-pick. Boundaries are okay. Listen to hear what Jannese’s boundaries where and when she knew it was time to set some.

100 episodes later, we cannot thank you enough. These 100 episodes have been because of you: your desire for radical personal finance information, a level of engagement we love to see, and your genuine support of the platform.

Thank you and always remember to #StayPoderosa!

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