Episode 101: Why You Deserve To Build Wealth | Linda Garcia, In Luz We Trust

In Episode 101, you’ll hear from someone who started investing with a small amount of money, what her investing approach is, and how she let go of scarcity mindset to build wealth through the stock market and entrepreneurship.

California native Linda Garcia is a former marketing executive in TV and film who supported well-recognized TV networks, movie studios and streaming services specifically building programming catered to U.S. Hispanics. After 17 years, she parted ways and decided to create a weekly podcast that is aimed to channel one’s spiritual journey, Let There Be Luz. In 2019, she uprooted to Dallas, where Garcia has unraveled her life’s purpose to help heal the generational wounds in the Latinx community specifically tied to build wealth from a unique spiritual perspective. During the Summer of 2020, she launched her first beginners stock market course thus creating a community of Latinx investors on Patreon known as In Luz We Trust. Garcia graduated from Northwood University with a double major in Marketing and International Business.

In Episode 101, Linda & I talk about:

  • Starting small with investing—when Linda broke into her first six-figure role, one of her colleagues was persistent around her starting to invest into the stock market. After several months, Linda decided to start small, and began investing $200 per month. The next year, she doubled that to $400 per month, and over the course of 8 years, her net worth is now over $500,000. Listen to hear Linda’s full experience around her entry into the stock market, and how you can also start investing with a smaller amount of money.
  • Examples of scarcity mindset around money—we’ve had many other episodes where we talk about scarcity mindset (check out Episode 87, Episode 64, and Episode 60 for a deeper dive into this topic), but in this episode, Linda gives us some concrete examples of how it manifested in her life. One example: not contributing to her 401(k) initially!
  • Her investing approach—when Linda told us that her portfolio jumped from about $7,000 to a six-figure number, we were shocked! Now, this won’t be everyone’s experience. For Linda, a big part of this jump was her investing approach: individual stock-picking. This can absolutely be a high reward approach, and it can also be high-risk depending on how you enter it. Other approaches include index fund and ETF heavy portfolios.
  • Her opinion on investing while having debt—Linda sees this decision as a “Pay yourself first” type of decision. Her decision to invest even though you still have debt is based on building wealth for a future you, and the reality that the return on investment is often high enough to compete with the effects of debt.

Linda has been a creator we’ve admired for so long. Her content adds so much value to the communities she’s a part of, and her perspective is so rich.

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