Episode 102. How Being Trans Affects Your Dinero | K. Kenneth Davis, The Trans Capitalist

In episode 102, we hear from K. Kenneth Davis, The Trans Capitalist, about his unique experiences surrounding financial wellness as someone who is trans, and how he started his journey into finance and investing.

K. Kenneth Davis is a proud Transgender Male who is the CEO of THE TRANS CAPITALIST LLC, the fastest growing financial literacy resource for the Queer-Transgender community. He has spent the past three years teaching, coaching, and empowering hundreds of queer people around the world. His easy straight to the point entertaining lessons and relatable life strategies provide concrete results and cultivate skills that help people survive America’s volatile economic climate. He is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and received a Masters of Finance from Pace University Lubin’s School of Business.

In Episode 102, K. Kenneth talks about:

  • The unique financial circumstances facing trans communities— from needing to focus on survival, to losing the support of your family at a young age, K. Kenneth walks through what he’s had to deal with in his financial journey, and how these circumstances impacted his self-education plan
  • His introduction into finance— K. Kenneth got his journey started by reading a financial book (for our list of recommendations, check out this list of personal finance books!). From here, he started with small, incremental goals, beginning with saving, building up his credit score, and then tackling investing.
  • How he approached learning about investing— everyone has a different journey into learning about investing. If you’re looking for some inspiration, K. Kenneth started with reading books, tackling financial jargon by using sites like Investopedia, and watching educational videos from creators.
  • Financial trauma and how to address itfinancial trauma, at its core, is a negative emotional response to things dealing with money. For K. Kenneth, this looked like refusing to ask for help, as an example. One thing he did to heal was accept that it was okay to make mistakes. Listen to hear how else he has incorporated healing into his financial journey, and why he brings this into his client work.
  • How to support trans communities with your dinero— two things K. Kenneth mentioned were elevating the work being done by trans people, and supporting businesses or organizations that are by and for trans people.

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