Episode 8. I Got My Mind On My Money | Diana Pinedo, Ms. Informed Latina

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Have you ever felt extremely overwhelmed by all the things you should be doing physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially, but you don’t even know where to begin? I know I have, and today’s guest is reshaping her life’s mission because of those exact same feelings. In this episode, we feature Diana Pinedo, Founder and CEO of TheMisInformedLatina. ⁣ Diana is using her frustration to fuel her passion for uplifting, mentoring and empowering Latinas to live their best lives! You can follow Diana on Instagram and Twitter.

In Episode 8, Diana talks about:

  • The backstory on how she started The MisInformedLatina
  • Her relationship growing up with money
  • Her personal journey to self discovery and building wealth
  • All things mindset and how a shift in your mental health can help you take control of your money—when you become conscious of the ways you may be self-sabotaging, you can take the steps to reshape that narrative and start to harness your true potential.
  • Self care practices she uses to feed her soul

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