Episode 82. How Erika Discovered Her Purpose & Built A Business Using TikTok | Erika Cruz, Purpose-Driven Latina

Episode 82 is about tapping into your creative potential and leveraging that for your business with Erika Cruz of Purpose-Driven Latina. Erika shares how she developed her purpose & business on TikTok and how she quit her full-time job!

Erika Cruz is a Self-Discovery Expert, TikTok Partner, and Founder of Purpose-Driven Latina. She helps first-gen millennials align with their purpose and find fulfillment through mindset and mindfulness. After eight years in the tech industry, Erika turned her side hustle into her main hustle—all thanks to TikTok. As the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants, Erika is aware of the lack of resources that were available to her growing up. For this reason, she is on a mission to connect other first-gens with the tools and resources to kill it. Her content on TikTok focuses on bringing people back to themselves so they can align with their deeper purpose, gain confidence and dream big. You can follow her on TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you’ve been feeling lost, are interested in entrepreneurship, or feel stuck in a business idea, this episode is for you!

In Episode 82, Erika and I talk about:

  • Reparenting herself in her adulthood—we loved this concept! As first-generation wealth builders, we inherit a lot of generational trauma and scarcity mindset from our parents. Often times, we witnessed and directly experienced deep financial struggle. Maybe we even had to carry a lot of our parents’ trauma. All of this forced us out of our childhood a little faster than others; as adults, it becomes important to heal our inner child and reparent ourselves in order to best understand ourselves and be kinder to ourselves.
  • The value of looking to your inner self—Erika was able to fully tap into herself during 2020. Through the pandemic, she was forced to look within herself, rather than look to others for approval or answers. She was finally about to identify her skillset and what was holding her back. Out of this, she built a successful business.
  • Living and running a business authentically—the Universe always seems to catch up with us when we are not living authentically. That’s what happened with Erika in her personal life and her businesses. For more talk on authenticity in our business, we love Episode 80 with Eliana Murillo as well!
  • How to use Tik Tok to leverage your business—we think TikTok is the direction that social media is headed! TikTok is not just a platform Gen-Z goes to learn dances from. This was the platform Erika was able to launch a successful business from! Listen to this episode to hear why Erika thinks TikTok is integral as a creator and business owner.
  • How to balance self-care as an entrepreneur — combine the work that’s inherent to entrepreneurship, with the grind culture that is passed onto us from our parents, and we have a recipe for mental health chaos as entrepreneurs. In this episode, you’ll hear Erika’s tips for how she creates more of a balance for herself.

This episode with Erika will reassure you that you already have everything you need in pursuit of your purpose, goals, or business idea. The inner work to get to this self-confidence and self-assurance is a process; if you’re here, you’re already in it. As I always say, #StayPoderosa!

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