Episode 86. How To Raise Financially Literate Children | Jasmine Tillery, Money & Momming

Episode 86 is about how Jasmine has created a wealth-building strategy that works for her as a mother, and how she’s bringing her kids along the learning journey as well.

Jasmine Tillery is a wife, mom, and full time quality engineer from New Jersey. She also the founder of Money & Momming, a blog and business that focuses on personal finance and parenting. She started Money & Momming as an Instagram profile to document her family’s debt free journey. Jasmine is an advocate for financial balance and IVF and infant loss awareness. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest.

In Episode 86, Jasmine and I talk about:

  • Experiencing a culture shock—Jasmine was blessed to grow up in a household that was financially stable and building wealth. But when she left that household and was “out in the real world,” she had a reality check. She had been raised with the belief that building wealth as a Black woman was possible, but she hadn’t been taught how.
  • Her first experience into personal finance—like many people who enter the space wanting to pay off debt, her first experience was Dave Ramsey. He may work for some, but for Jasmine and her family, it was not sustainable. So what steps did she have to take to make sure her journey was achievable and sustainable? Listen to find out!
  • Managing your finances as a couple—Jasmine shares lots of money tips for families, like managing your money together to understand the holistic financial situation.
  • Her kids as her why—Jasmine’s commitment to financial wellness and wealth building came with the decision to grow her family. Over the years, she has also built a financial system that works for her as a mother, because traditional financial advice does not fit her situation. Listen to learn what Jasmine has implemented in her finances as a mother.
  • How she is preparing her kids to be wealthy and financially literate—in the same way that she learned from her parents that building wealth is possible, Jasmine is imparting the same onto her kids, as well as the practical tools they will need to do this on their own in their future. When she talks budget with her husband, her son is there. When something is out of budget, she will explain that to her son. Her son was even looped into their conversation on why they should buy their own home over continuing to rent.

Financial literacy is the best gift you can give your children, so start making a plan to increase your financial aptitude. Here are some of our fave financial literacy resources:

The Financially Lit Latina: The Ultimate Blueprint For Becoming Poderosa With Your Dinero

Partners mentioned in this episode: 

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Gentreo – helps you create the important documents you need for official estate planning, including your Will, Power of Attorney, and more.

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