Episode 88. How To Overcome Your Fears As A Business Owner | Nadia De Ala & Allison Carpio, Hella Rich Podcast

Episode 88 is a must-listen for any women of color business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. We talk overcoming business scarcity mindsets, identifying limiting beliefs, and building business models serving women of color.

Allison Carpio & Nadia De Ala are entrepreneurs & the hosts of The Hella Rich Podcast, a show for Woman of Color entrepreneurs who want to get HELLA rich in money, time and joy! Join their free Facebook group here.

Allison Carpio is the author of “Shut Up and Take My Money!”, speaker, and marketing consultant. She got fed up seeing all the fake scarcity, high-pressure and sleazy tactics in the online marketing world. Now, she teaches Women of Color business owners how to get their customers thrilled (not pressured) to buy from them over and over again. You can follow Allison on Instagram.

Nadia De Ala is a leadership & negotiation coach, speaker and facilitator. She is the founder of Real You Leadership, a program that helps badass, creative and ambitious Women of Color in Tech level up their relationships, influence and money, so they can create the empowered and free lives they really want. Through her coaching work, Nadia has supported her clients in making 20-55% more bank by teaching them negotiation mindset and strategy to self-advocate with confidence. She’s now directing her super powers to help BIPOC women embrace the transformational possibilities of thriving in the online business world, so they can get hella rich in time, money and joy. You can follow Nadia on Instagram.

In Episode 88, Nadia, Allison and I talk about:

  • What a scarcity mindset looks like in business—if you’ve been thinking about launching a business or side hustle but have had a thought like this: “But there’s already a [_______] talking about [_______],” you have a scarcity mindset. Nadia and Allison both had variations of this same thought when building their businesses and brands. We talk a lot about overcoming a scarcity mindset with money; listen to this episode to hear about how to overcome a scarcity mindset as a business owner.
  • Designing a business with women of color in mind—the patriarchal, white supremacist majority will make you feel like you have to cater to 1) everyone, or 2) white people. Nadia and Allison are here to remind you that you don’t have to do that! Your business—even if is designed to primarily serve women of color—will still thrive if built upon a solid foundation.
  • Learning from our parents to be fearful of entrepreneurship—as first-generation wealth-builders, we grew up seeing our parents chase the American Dream. For many of them, this meant having a decent-paying job and a stable place to live. So when we choose to break from that “dream,” our parents freak. What did Nadia and Allison do when faced with this situation? Listen to find out the full story.
  • Dispelling the model minority mythMay is AAPI Heritage Month, and we wanted to take a moment to dispel the model minority myth, which is the idea that Asians are an example of a racial minority that have “made it,” and, thus, how we should strive to be. In this episode, Nadia and Allison explain that the idea that when Asian people are seen as a racial monolith and are not considered part of the BIPOC community is harmful and a weapon used to put people of color against each other. In their words: we should all be focusing on taking down the colonial patriarchy.
  • How the “fake it till you make it” approach is harmful to ourselves—engaging in this practice is so tempting! But Nadia and Allison made a great point: this is a practice forced upon women of color by a white supremacist, patriarchal society. Women of color should never hide who they truly are and how they are feeling. Not only is it harmful individually, but it also makes it difficult to create authentic community and may even be harmful to your business model. Remember: audiences love authenticity! We loved this spin on an idea we’ve all heard!

This episode is a *must* listen for all women of color business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. Not only do Nadia and Allison walk us through why and how they designed a business for women of color, but they also give us the main tools they used to overcome their fears to launch businesses they feel so proud of.

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