Episode 90. The Dangerous Price We Pay For Success | Jason Vitug, Phroogal

Episode 90 is about the relationship between financial health and mental health. Jason shares his story navigating this, as well as leaves audiences with helpful tips on how to remedy their financial traumas.

Jason Vitug is a wellness expert, entrepreneur, and founder of the personal finance website Phroogal.com. He’s the best-selling NY Times reviewed author of You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life. Jason champions living experiential and purposeful lives through vision mapping and financial planning. He’s a certified yoga teacher and breathwork specialist. You can follow him on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

In episode 90, Jason and I talk about:

  • Why traditional FIRE journeys don’t always work for people—Jason reminds us that traditional FIRE is about extreme frugality. For many people, that is not how they want to live their life, and it is something hard to keep committed to. To people wanting to address their financial wellness, Jason recommends that they first consider aligning their values.
  • Financial beliefs passed down from immigrant parents—many of our parents who immigrated to the U.S. came in search of the American Dream. This meant a house, stable job, a family. In Jason’s experience, this is what he was raised to want. Listen to the episode to find out how he managed his family’s expectations when he realized that this wasn’t his dream.
  • Defining wellness—did you know there are multiple types of wellness? Financial, mental, emotional, physical, occupational, relational, environmental, sexual— if you’re working on improving in one, but still don’t feel “better,” it’s probably because you’re neglecting the others. That’s why Jason chooses to prioritize value-setting and alignment when helping people improve their financial wellness.
  • The impact of stress on our bodies—many of us have accepted stress as a normal state of being. In this episode Jason talks about the impacts of chronic stress on our bodies, including a physiological response. When we choose to ignore our mind and ourselves, our body will force us to listen to it somehow.

We love this episode with Jason because he understands that first-generation wealth builders carry a lot of unhealthy money beliefs and toxic financial practices. In this episode, he talks through his personal experience for navigating this, which might exactly be what you need to hear.

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