Episode 91. How To Transform Your Money Mindset | Jacent Wamala, Money Mindset Coach & Licensed MFT

Episode 91 is about making the connection between your financial wellness and your mental wellness. Jacent speaks from personal and professional experience on how improving your money mindset can impact your financial situation.

Jacent Wamala is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Las Vegas. She has a private practice that focuses on working with women of color on anxiety, depression, and trauma recovery. She’s taught courses at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in areas such as personal growth and development, multicultural issues in families, and contemporary couples and families. Jacent recently launched Wealth and Wellness University, a premier online community for motivated millennials focused on personal growth and personal finance.

In three years, she paid off over $90,000 in credit card and student loan debt and saw the link between financial stress and mental health issues for her clients. Her goal is to help her community become aware of the limiting beliefs and fears getting in the way of their financial freedom and empower them to create a plan to reach their goals. She does this by educating regularly on her podcast and IG page, both with the name, Jacent’s Gems.

In episode 91, Jacent and I talk about:

  • How to analyze your financial situation from a psychological perspective—as a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT), Jacent is an expert on seeing the connections between our finances and our mental health. Reflecting on our money stories is crucial because, as Jacent says, how we deal with money is directly affected by what you learned growing up, your family, and how those around you related to money.
  • Making money choices—when Jacent became debt free in 2020, she was surprised to reflect upon how her decisions in 2017 brought her to that very moment. Our choices are serious, and they will have a direct impact on our ability to do things in the future. This isn’t something we always realize, though.
  • Intentionality when it comes to money—Jacent’s biggest financial milestones came as she became more intentional about her money. When she began to set clear goals and better understand how she related to money, she was able to pinpoint growth areas, progress, and the ability to set new goals. Jacent practiced intentionality by creating a budget and preparing a personal finance audit.
  • How to prepare for an unknown future—we have experienced a lot of uncertainty over the last year and a half. None of us could have expected a pandemic; but what this probably made all the more evident is that we never know what can happen. When Jacent started making wiser financial decisions, she didn’t know exactly what she was preparing for. She made money moves anyway. She says:

“You may not know what you’re preparing for, but there is something you are walking towards. If you commit yourself to a process of intentionality now, things will be so much more fruitful and enjoyable later.” — Jacent Wamala

We ask each of our guests to share their money story because we believe our financial situation is intertwined with our mental health. This conversation with Jacent reinforces that. Listen to this episode to get some questions to ask yourself as you embark on your financial journey.

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