Episode 94. How Charly Went From Stockbroker To Digital Nomad & Entrepreneur | Charly Stoever, Traveler Charly Money Coaching™

Episode 94 is about Charly’s experience growing up undocumented, their journey into the financial sector, and how that inspired them to develop a business serving women of color pursuing financial literacy.

Charly Stoever is a nonbinary Latinx money coach and former licensed stockbroker who helps LGBTQ & BIPOC folks points hack, invest, & build wealth so that they can start taking control of their money and make money their bitch! They served various communities of color through City Year San Antonio and Peace Corps Nicaragua. Now, they’re getting their Social Impact MBA remotely while living by the beach in Mexico and encouraging others to live their best lives and reach their money goals. You can follow Charly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & WordPress.

In Episode 94, Charly & I talk about:

  • Growing up undocumented and the limitations that brought—for Charly and their family, many of the things we take for granted were not feasible options. Think: licenses or even stable jobs. Listen to hear how this experience impacted Charly’s money beliefs.
  • What financial literacy allowed them to do—gaining financial literacy isn’t just about building wealth. When Charly was able to navigate this new world and develop a plan for themselves, they gained the confidence to live out one of their dreams: backpacking.
  • Designing businesses with women of color in mind—having a narrow niche can be intimidating. Capitalism tells us we need to appeal to everyone. Charly doesn’t think so, and they are intentionally developing their business with one target audience: women of color. We have another episode with two amazing women who also developed a business with women of color in mind!

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