Episode 97. How To Be A Latina Tech Startup Founder | Tanya Menendez, Snowball Wealth

In Episode 97, Tanya shares her experience as a Latina founder, including what she had to learn, how she transitioned from a 9 to 5, and her advice to aspiring Latina founders.

Tanya Menendez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Snowball Wealth, a platform that provides personalized guidance to pay off debt and build wealth. Snowball’s first product, a free student loan plan, helped users save $6k, on average. Before Snowball, Tanya co-founded Maker’s Row, the largest online marketplace for American manufacturing. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she worked at Goldman Sachs and Google. Tanya has been included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List and named one of People en Español’s Most Powerful Latinas.

You can follow Tanya on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

In episode 97, Tanya & I talk about:

  • Making the transition from 9 to 5 to entrepreneurship— Tanya talks about how she eased into going full-time into her businesses and the steps she took when she was feeling burned out. Hint: rest is okay!
  • The ins and outs of launching a business and securing capital— Tanya shares some information that took her months to figure out, such as the different classes of investors and how to develop your pitch. She even shares tools and platforms that have helped her, including Y Combinator. While walking us through what she had to learn on her journey, she reflected on one main thing: burnout is real. Her learning curve was steep, so much so that she, at one point, had to take a year off.
  • What she’s had to learn as a female business founder— apart from learning all the legal and business basics, she also had to learn how to navigate spaces where she was the minority. Her biggest lesson was creating community for herself, be that through other industry-centered spaces like Techqueria, or female-founder dinner conversations she hosted.
  • The tool she’s creating to help you save on your student loans— her latest business venture is a platform called Snowball Wealth, which, on average, saves users $6,000 on their student loans. If you have student loans and don’t know what your options are for getting them paid off, you’ll want to hear this part of the conversation!

We love this episode with Tanya because she provides a glimpse into the ups-and-downs of starting a business. Building a business can absolutely be a rewarding experience; and it can also be one of the most difficult, trying things you can do. Listen to hear Tanya’s experience around starting a business as a Latina founder!

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