Episode 28: Get Uncomfortable with Being Comfortable | Lidia De La Cruz of Poderosa Coding

Check out episode 28 of Yo Quiero Dinero, personal finance podcast for the modern Latina. Available wherever you listen to podcasts!

In the past week, my heart has been heavy, and it has been tough finding stories that can spark joy and hope. I felt the need to release two episodes this week’s, to showcase two more amazing Latinas who are inspiring and empowering us. In the first of two episodes I’m releasing this weekend, we’re talking to Lidia De La Cruz of Poderosa Coding.

Lidia De La Cruz is a Latina millennial born and raised in the Bronx. Her parents immigrated to the U.S as many others do, to chase the American Dream. The oldest of four children, Lidia struggled with finances to the point where attending college was always put on the back burner. In 2018, Lidia graduated from Lehman College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. During her first 3 years of school, Lidia for school paid out of pocket maxing out credit cards in the process. Finally, she decided to take out a student loan to finish her senior year. She is now debt free after paying off $30,106 in 11 months!

In episode 28, Lidia and I talk about:

  • How she’s transition her career from education to software engineering
  • Her non-traditional path to getting her Bachelor’s Degree
  • Internal and self reflection (hard work!) she had to do to understand her money habits
  • The importance of community and having people around you that hold you accountable
  • Starting and re-starting her path towards financial freedom and doing it all without a six figure salary

Now, Lidia is sharing her journey to transition into a career as a Software Engineer via her new blog, Poderosa Coding. You can also follow Poderosa Coding on Instagram.

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The Financially Lit Latina: The Ultimate Blueprint For Becoming Poderosa With Your Dinero
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