Episode 35: How Your Mindset Affects Your Mental Health And Your Money | Cinthia Lindheimer (Fercci) of Ask Fercci

Surprise! Episode 35 is a bonus episode for you all! ⁣

In this episode, we talk to Cinthia Lindheimer a.k.a Fercci from @askfercci, a health and wellness blog focused on providing women with verified information about the trendiest health and wellness topics. ⁣

Fercci was tired of seeing companies and bloggers trying to sell bad products that claimed to be the “magic fix,” so she decided to create the solution. That’s my kind of mujer! ⁣⁣

We released this bonus episode in honor of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month! There is such a profound connection between mental health and money mindset, a connection we are able to fully understand, thanks to Fercci’s honesty during this episode. ⁣

Fercci, we thank you for your bravery comadre!

In episode 35, Fercci and I talk about:⁣⁠⁣

  • The intimidating experience of becoming an entrepreneur as an immigrant (she’s from Venezuela!)⁣⁠⁣
  • ⁣⁠The anxieties that accompany income instability⁣⁠⁣
  • ⁣⁠⁣The important of listening to our heart so that it may guide us to new opportunities⁣⁠⁣
  • ⁣⁠⁣Money lessons learned from our parents and how they have impacted us⁣⁠⁣
  • ⁣⁠⁣And she even drops knowledge on branding and finding your voice!⁣⁠⁣

⁣⁠Fercci and I had a fun, transparent and empowering conversation. She’ll get you thinking about your own voice and passions. AND, she even gives us a crash course on IG marketing! I was taking notes and I know you will too.

You can follow her on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and blog, Ask Fercci. 

Check out episode 35 of Yo Quiero Dinero, personal finance podcast for the modern Latina. Available wherever you listen to podcasts!

⁣⁠As always, #StayPoderosa

The Financially Lit Latina: The Ultimate Blueprint For Becoming Poderosa With Your Dinero
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