Episode 58: How To Retire Early and Live An Intentional Life | A Purple Life

Episode 58 is all about how to retire early and live an intentional life, with anonymous blogger A Purple Life.

Purple is a Black woman who worked in marketing. In 2015, she started her blog and hatched a plan to retire in 10 years at the age of 35. Through decreasing her spending, increasing her income, and geoarbitrage, she reached her goal in half the time, retiring this year at the age of 30.

This is big! The retirement age set by social security is 66, meaning Purple retired more than 30 years before what’s the standard!

In Episode 58, Purple talks about:

  • How making 6 figures actually ISN’T the key to happiness
  • How she spent her money before she decided to pursue FI/RE
  • Pursing FI/RE without a strict budget (budgeting is not for everybody!)
  • Building intentionality into all her decision making
  • Selling all her stuff and becoming a nomad

Quite a handful of the guests on the podcast thought that making 6 figures would unlock a world of happiness. Realizing that this isn’t the case is often one of people’s greatest pushes to FI/RE, as was the case for Purple. Her journey wasn’t filled with extensive research, a background of wealth, or anything else people might think leads others to FI/RE. By letting her life and experiences speak to her, she made the decision to pursue FI/RE, joining her partner who had already started his journey.

Is money creating stress in your life? It was for Purple too. Feel like you don’t have enough time? Purple credits feeling like this as her biggest push to retire early and live an intentional life.

And if you’re wondering: what the heck FI/RE is, this one’s for you too! Purple breaks down how she planned for it, what numbers she crushed, and why. Excited for y’all to take some notes with this one!

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