Episode 69. How To Pursue FIRE As A Couple With Different Income Levels | G & J, Gay Husbands On FIRE

Episode 69 is all about how one queer, married couple is pursuing FIRE while earning different salaries. Listen to this episode to hear about a journey to FIRE, love and money, and a six-figure debt payoff.

For episode 69, we have G and J, the anonymous married couple behind Gay Husbands on FIRE.

This millennial couple is in their early 30s, living in NYC, and planning for a life of financial independence. J is originally from Colorado and G is originally from Colombia. They met in Philadelphia in 2013 and have been living together since 2015. They’re DINKs (double income no kids) on a journey to reach FIRE within the next decade! You can follow their journey on Instagram.

In Episode 69, we talk about:

  • Inheriting a money mindset based on your country of residence—while G does not identify as having been poor while growing up, he also does not identify as having been raised in a financially privileged home. Some of this is tied to the larger conditions his home country of Colombia was facing. This is particularly relevant for immigrant individuals pursuing FIRE in a country that values consumerism, entrepreneurship, and individualism, which are very specific to American culture.
  • Talking about money in new relationships—J and G did NOT wait to start talking about money. Part of the reason for this was G’s massive amount of student debt that was looming over him. Talking about money openly through the start of their relationship made it so that they both understand where each of them was coming from, financially and priority-wise.
  • Finances when you move in with your partner—it’s one thing to talk about money when you’re at the start of your relationship. It’s a completely different thing to talk about finances once you start living together. J and G talk about the different things they tried before they got to the system they use now, where they comingle their assets.
  • Paying off debt from a place of fear—after going to law school and accruing a six-figure debt, G carried constant anxiety with him. While he was able to secure a high-paying job thanks to his law degree, he was making little progress towards his debt because of his spending. Eventually, he reached a point where he had to act upon it and they became debt free in 2016, before even discovering FIRE
  • Their rabbit hole towards FIRE—they talk the books they read, what they learned, what shocked them, their why and what it felt like to save their first $100K.

This is the episode to listen to if you’ve ever had questions about how to talk dinero with your partner or how to create a life together with someone who has a different salary than you do. Check it out!


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