Episode 73. How To Choose Your Ideal Side Hustle | Latasha Peterson, Arts & Budgets

Episode 73 is all about how to choose a side hustle that aligns with your passions. We hear from blogger and business coach, Latasha Peterson!

All of February, we are exclusively featuring Black creators in the personal finance and entrepreneurship space. Because there is a wealth of knowledge here, we are also delivering two episodes every week for the entire month!

In episode 73, we are featuring Latasha Peterson of Arts & Budgets.

Latasha Peterson is a blogger, side hustle coach and creator of Arts and Budgets, a blog dedicated to side hustles! Before she started her blog + biz, she would often create music with a group of Creatives who were also looking to do what they love on a daily basis and make income from it. It was with them that she felt empowered and inspired to help other creatives who were seeking to follow their passions just like her. So she started a blog where other creatives could find resources to grow their blog +biz, make extra money while on the journey, and do what they love on a daily basis! You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

In Episode 73, Latasha and I talk about:

  • Quick side hustles—we’re talking random gigs, focus groups, all the small unexpected ways you can make money too.
  • The patience that is required with entrepreneurship—last year, I made over $100,000 through my side hustles. You know how long I’ve been doing this for? Eight years! Latasha and I will be the first to say that you probably will not monetize off your side hustle immediately. With consistency and patience, you will get there.
  • How to choose a side hustle—building alternative streams of income, apart from your 9-5, doesn’t have to make you miserable. Listen to hear Latasha’s tips on how to find what you’re passionate about and monetize it
  • Imposter syndrome—it takes a bit of work to find the women of color in the side hustle space. And when we’re socialized into thinking we deserve less than, women of color need to unlearn a lot of behavior and truly believe that we are worthy of wealth.

If you are new to the side hustle world or are itching to learn more about how to diversify your streams of income, be sure to listen to this episode. Check us out on your favorite streaming platform!

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