LIVE EVENT: Finances En Fuego 2 – July 27-31, 2020

LIVE EVENT: Finances En Fuego 2: Latinas Who Build Businesses

Welcome to the Finances en Fuego ? Series!!​

Join us for Finances En Fuego 2, a 5 day webinar series, presented by Wander Onwards, we’re going to be showcasing 5 incredible Latinas who have built their own companies from the ground up. In the Latinx community, we don’t often talk about money and wealth, which has lead to our people owning a disproportionate amount of wealth in the US for our size and influence. We want to tip the needle in the other direction to bring all of us up together.  

Important Disclaimer: we are not prescribing financial advice. We are demonstrating our personal tactics and tools for informational purposes. Capital is at risk.

Don’t worry about missing a class!

All attendees will have recordings emailed to them directly. This content will NOT be shared on public or free platforms. Thank you for supporting our Latinx businesses during this crazy time. We value and appreciate your business!

What You’ll Learn​

This session of Finances en Fuego is all about how to build businesses and create multiple streams of income. The Fuego 5 all started from NOTHING and we’ve been able to during a dime into a dollar. We all come from Latinx households and many of us are 1st gen or immigrants ourselves. We know the struggle and the struggle is REAL. 

Now it’s our turn to teach you how we did it. 

No matter where you’re from or what your background is, there is a space for you here. This session is for absolute beginners and more advance entrepreneurs as well. Hell – it’s even for people with just a dollar and a dream.  

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 1-2-3 of building a product and a profitable business 
  • Building passive incomes and businesses online
  • Pricing products and managing cash flow 
  • How to pay yourself and prepare for the future 
  • Paying tax and expensing things properly so you’re not left in the RED come tax time
  • & so much more!! 

Meet the Fuego 5

Joy Valerie


Finances En Fuego

Build an Idea into a Business 101 (Mon, July 27 @ 7:00pm EST)

In this class, you’ll learn the core pieces to go from idea to launch and most importantly, make MONEY leveraging tools that are simple and budget friendly to use. If you’ve ever been ‘umm’ing over a million dollar idea because you weren’t sure how to execute it, this workshop is for you! 

Kara Perez


Finances En Fuego

Dinero by Design: Business Finances 101 (Tues, July 28 @ 7:00pm EST)

Dinero by Design will focus on getting your business money organized, primed for profit, and in a place where you can easily digest it. As a business owner you make all the calls, and a messy ass accounting sheet won’t do! We’ll cover pricing for profit, business bank accounts (US only).

Yanely Espinal


Finances En Fuego

How to GROW Your Business with YouTube! (Wed, July 29 @ 7:00pm EST)

YouTube is an amazing platform for businesses, but not many business owners understand how to leverage YouTube to GROW their business and their income.  In this workshop, we’ll go over the basics of monetizing YouTube content and a few ways you can leverage the organic traffic on the platform to grow your business. With some simple steps, you’ll have a library of content that will pop up in Google search results for years after you first upload it!

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez


Finances En Fuego

FI/RE Your Boss: Retirement Planning for Entrepreneurs (Thurs, July 30 @ 7:00pm EST)

If you’ve got financial independence and retirement goals as a self-made jefa or a poderosa side hustler, this session is for you. We are covering retirement planning options for the entrepreneur, so you can accelerate your path for freedom. BONUS content: we’re also covering healthcare options for the boss babe.

Vanessa MW


Finances En Fuego

Just Tax & the Facts (Fri, July 31 @ 6:00pm EST)

Join Vanessa and her father – Certified Public Accountant John Menchaca – for an evening on tax. What it is, why you have to pay it, and ways to expense business costs efficiently so you don’t pay a dime more than you have to! We’re also going to be discussing common pitfalls and Vanessa’s $1000 tax mistake as an international investor and business owner!

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